What I Do, How I Am (And Why)

Before I start, I may as well say this could be a diversion from the “aboutness” of an “About Me” page, but if that’s what drew you to click on the link I owe you (and myself) a crack at saying a bit about…well…me, so here it is: I’m a conscious man, but I’m not necessarily evolved (or am I better than anyone else), but what I notice more than I ever did is that I am awake. This phase of life is the most awake I’ve been in my life! I’m in my early thirties and passionate about cycling and want to go explore that to its limits, push it as far as I can at a pace that feels good for me.

I look for connection in the everyday, this is what I do. When I stumble into these connections. I  hope it’s with a mixture of curiosity, support and non-judgement; and what I hope from that point on is that I can deal with whatever comes up. If that isn’t the case, I’ll do my best to accept that. At least this is the vision I carry in my head,

The moments I feel challenged and confronted , yet I’m committed to supporting growth and the chance to stretch, knowing that is what continues to develop who am I and what I do and why.

Why I do this remains a mystery much of the time (and that’s the best part), because I think it means I’m still exploring. I’m awake, asking questions, making mistakes and fumbling about in the dark. I take comfort in not having ALL the answers (who needs them?) There are so many ways to flesh-out the opportunities that come about from seeking connection.  Taking who I am at any given moment (because I am different from the that moment just passed), and the next moment after that and the one again after that. It’s continuous and welcoming; welcoming what is. Now, in the moment, and forever.

On the bike is where I connect with myself most, it’s not my meditation, I don’t get “in the zone”, it just is who I am ON the bike that I WANT to be all the time. It’s not about the pain, or the wind nor the uphill struggle. None of it matters. It is the fact that I have wheels beneath me, under my own power choosing where I go – being in control. I also like being out of control, with no destination in mind, shooting down the hill at near uncontrollable speeds. This is why I do what I do: Cycling = Freedom. And maybe I’ll never get to make it part of my working life (or maybe I will), but what matters to me most is that I love to do it.

This is my About Me page. Connect with me through whatever way allows you to be the you that you want and we’ll get along just fine…thanks for reading.

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